Pierre Wolfe - Broadcasting since 1958 - the Longest Running Radio Host in the Country, and heard by a half million listeners.

An internationally celebrated chef himself, Pierre is your guide to the best lodging, finest dining, and the most exciting tourist sites around the world. From authors and chefs, to cruise directors and tourist boards, Pierre has personal contacts all over the World. With every show, listeners get carried away and embark on new adventures, or feel enticed by culinary delights right from their arm chair – inspired every time they tune in.

Whether you're looking to get away for just the evening or an extended stay at an exotic locale, Pierre Wolfe will guide you to the finest restaurants, wines, and travel destinations. An internationally renowned chef, Pierre also reveals some of his unique recipe secrets, and interviews cutting edge culinary experts.

"Pierre, you're one of the most amazing people I know. YOU truly have seen the world. Thank you for sharing your stories about places, people, and food, on your lively radio shows with us all over the years. Pierre Wolfe's World is a book, I would pick up in an instant!" --Corinne Trang, the "Julia Child of Asian Cooking" and East Coast Correspondent to America's Dining and Travel Guide

Pierre Wolfe himself greets you at the door of the Quorum Restaurant in the Argonaut Hotel, mid-1960s



A Five Star Evening - Pierre's first restaurant in Littleton Colorado




Nationally Syndicated Radio Show

America's Dining and Travel Guide
Hosted by Pierre Wolfe for over 20 years!

 Sundays at 1 to 2 PM MST (3 to 4 PM EST)
on Biz Talk Radio Network

Occasional cohost P.J. Parmar of 101 Countries


Nationally Syndicated Radio Show

World Travel and Dining
Hosted by Pierre Wolfe

 Saturdays at 9-10 AM MST (11 AM-noon EST)
on the Global American Broadcasting Network


Phone the show live at 1-772-907-0654





The World A La Carte

A Travel and Dining Podcast on Talkshoe.com




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