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Pierre Wolfe's Biography

Born in Europe, Pierre immigrated to the United States in 1950 having served as a 16 year old with Allies in Africa and the Middle East.  Pierre received an honorable discharge as a Second Lieutenant.


Pierre's culinary training begun on the cruise ship Caronia, Curanrd Cruise Line.  He formally attended Hotel Management Schools in Switzerland.  Pierre was also owner of four award winning restaurants in Colorado.

Pierre is a Hall of Fame Member of the Colorado Restaurant Association and is on the advisory board of various culinary organizations.


Pierre began his broadcasting career in Colorado in 1956 on KFML Radio and branched out into television in 1961.  Since those years, Pierre Wolfe has been in Radio and TV on a continuous basis.  Pierre is the longest broadcaster in the business.  Pierre's National show America's Dining and Travel Guide has been heard since 1988, including 15 years on and various other ownerships. His work as a talk show host also landed him on KOA, KDEN, KNUS and KVOD In Denver, and he only left those stations due to changes in programming and or management.

Over his lifespan, Pierre has traveled the world with his wife, Jean. He has been a broadcaster and guest chef on many of the leading cruise lines, including Crystal, Cunard, Seabourn, Windstar, and Radisson Seven Seas. During his travels, Pierre has broadcast live from all parts of the globe and from all continents with the exception of Antarctica and the Artic Circle.

Pierre has a very large cadre of guests who call on his shows, including major renowned international guests in the travel and culinary industries.